Drawing for Fun

I never use to draw for fun but since college I have. I think it’s a great way to work on my skills and to calm myself. I like to draw cartoons about roaches that makes me laugh and nice things to just relax me.


Finishing Strong

I’m so glad this class is over. I was forced to do almost everything I don’t like about animation, but I’m walking away with some new skills. I struggled with my grade but I’m finishing strong.


Anime is not my thing but I have to admit I like some shows. My two favorite shows would have to be Big O and Cowboy Bebop. I love the main characters robot on Big O and the them song. Cowboy Bebop feels like a soap for teens and young adults but the character design is good to me.

Can You Draw?

When people find out what my major is they always ask “can you draw?” Yes I can draw guys I just prefer to do video. Once they discover that I can they want me to draw something for them; a tattoo, logo, portrait, but they don’t like to pay. People are crazy sometimes.

Adult Cartoons

Adult cartoons are the best things that were created. I like how shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy speak on real life issues but sometimes they go a little too far. The animation and character design of some adult cartoons have a sketchy feel but they can use any approach because the actual dialogue between characters make them funny.

Favorite Cartoon Movie

My Favorite cartoon movie is between Toy Story and Sausage Party. Toy Story touches the kid inside of me and forever will and Sausage Party is just the funniest thing I have seen in a while. The animation and character design was great in both.

Principle of animation I like

I love the stretch and squash principle of animation. It always makes me laugh because it makes the character look even funnier. It also reminds me of the way other characters look when they get smacked.

Lip Sync

Back to the character lip sync, I don’t like it not one bit. It’s a tedious job for one and it makes me sleepy. But It has to get done so I’m going to push to finish.

Character Jump

In my 3D animation class we made a character jump and I actually liked this assignment. I really put work in on the assignment and discovered I like animating in Maya then any other software. Here is the jump if you guys want to check it out.

The Struggle

My 2D animation had been a struggle. I think it’s because I don’t consider myself an animator and I don’t like animating on the computer. I’m going to push through.