Finally I finish coloring my character. My teacher reviewed my character and said I need to use guide lines which I agree with. I also need to draw some of his body parts much better. I want to redo the whole character but I will decided that after the adjustment are made. Next is to make a background for my character.



Character Lip Sync

We are going to take it as far as lip synching out characters in my animation class. I think I’m a step ahead because I have actually did a lip sync for a character in a previous class. I’m going to sketch up the mouth movements so I can be ahead on this assignment. The only thing about lip sync is that it is tedious work. Listening to every work and placing a mouth movement on each word in my characters dialogue.

Old vs. New Cartoons

When I was younger I watched cartoon ever chance I could and Cartoon Network was my favorite channel, and it still is today. Since I have grown up there are new cartoons and remakes of the old cartoons that sometimes up set me.

Old Cartoons were simple in design, had good storylines, actually funny, and had hidden dirty jokes which made then good once you caught on. Here are some of my favorite old cartoons.


New cartoons have one up because the characters have more complex designs so they look better, but some storylines are boring, the dirty jokes are every other line, and they don’t catch my attention. Here are a couple of new cartoons I like.

I know I may be stuck in my ways about what I like or maybe I have grown up, but I know good cartoons when I see them. Cartoon Network need to pick it up.

Childhood Animations

When I was a kid I grew up watching cartoons like any other kid, but drawing the characters was my thing. In elementary I became aware that I could draw little bit so why not try to perfect the skill. I would always draw Power Puff girls, Johnny Bravo, Kim Possible, Mickey Mouse and Dragon Ball Z characters.

I was so into drawing when I was younger I took it upon myself to ask this well known dude in my neighborhood to teach me how to draw different things besides them characters. He agreed but he only gave me one lesson. He always claimed to be busy. After that I developed the skill of free handing things I seen and wanted to draw. That has only gotten me so far because I’m learning there are principles and techniques to drawing. So I’m still learning.

Paper Frank


Paper Frank has to be my favorite artist from Atlanta. I found out about him one day I was on the explore page on Instagram. I seen this piece that feature his original character Damon. The character was a snot nose, brown skin, afro head boy and I fell in love lol. I was like I got to see more work. It just so happened that I was going to Atlanta that same summer but I wasn’t able to meet Paper Frank. I plan to go back and go to An art show that he will be participating in or get a tattoo from him.

I love his work is raw but it’s like he makes you see the beauty With in the African American Community. He uses flowers in his drawing which balances out the work in a weird way. To be honest I think he is ahead of his time with the art that he releases but I love his work so much that I don’t mind.

Action Beard Hank


Nuri aka Action Beard Hank is a great artist, I do not know him personally but I hope to meet him. He is based in Atlanta and he draws and colors pretty well. He does a lot of drawings of portraits or profiles of action or video game characters. When he draws people such as the mother of his child he adds an animated feel but the drawing are not too cartoonish.

One of my favorite pieces of his is the piece of the man with the galaxy beard. The color jell together well and I like how it’s feels ancient and modern at the same time. He had many more great pieces and he is a inspiration as well.


Beauty and the Beats

I have this friend who is a DJ and we work to make her first logo for her music production company “Beauty and the Beats”


She has recently contacted me to make a different logo and this is what we have in the works.


With this logo there is a play off the actual Beauty and the Beast movie with a few switches. I wasn’t to take this logo a step further and turn it into a motion graphic. I want to have the headphones floating and the music notes falling and have it loop smoothly. I have the sketch the next step is for me to learn more on motion graphics to complete this project.

Black dynamite



Black Dynamite is a cartoon on Adult Swim and one of the best in a while. All the main characters are African American and they all add their own flare to the show. The first main character is Black Dynamite who is like the super hero. Honey Bee is the bold women who puts people in their place, cream corn is a character who is nervous or being made a fool of most of time, and Bullhorn is a character who is always eating but everytime he talk he has to rhyme each phrase.

All these characters and other make the show. I love how it’s is set in the 70’s but still approach problems that are present. At the end of almost every episode there is a valuable lesson. It has a combination of comedy and reality for African American which make it so relatable.

First character turn around


Character turn around, scary. I know how to draw certain things and I am more of a see and draw type of artist, but I know I need to be versatile. So this character turn around was a great challenge.

I struggled a little bit with how I wanted my character to look, but once I figured it out drawing the face from different positions came easy. Next was the body which I haven’t been practicing. I went to do research on drawing bodies but I got busy with other things. So I sketched out the best version of a slender geeky type of body for my character. I like it but I know it needs more work.