Character Study

Before this semester I have not taken the time to sit down and create a character and so far it has been a challenge. I have not practice drawing different elements of a character such as facial features or body structures. Which all scares me and makes me think my character will not come out how I want it. I have taken the time this semester to practice them skills and I am getting better. Its still a bit of a struggle when it comes to creating this character. The first step is the Character Study and so far I have had fun doing this and my character started here….

IMG_4708 (1)

To a well developed version of these expressions…

Character study-01

After doing the character study for my character I feel much better about building upon this character. I don’t have a name for him yet, but its coming soon.



90’s Juice

So I want to do a paint project, but there are two problems I can’t really paint and I can’t bring alcohol bottles to school. I can paint a little but sometimes I don’t like how is looks.

Okay the project is named 90’s juice and I want to paint a bottle with great things from the 90’s. On a bottle such as a Hennessy bottle I will paint things such as TLC, the Daria cartoon character, and phrases. That would be the 90’s part of the project and the juice part would be represented by the actual bottle. I will not place juice in the bottle but if it  contained a liquid it would be juice lol.

I’m still deciding what to include on the bottle and I still need to coat the bottle so that I can paint on the bottle.

Corey Davis

Corey Davis is an painter, tattoo artist, drawing artist, and now a comic creator. I have been following him on Instagram for a few years now and he has been much inspiration. His style is afrocentric characters that are fun but have an adult quality about them. His comic “Provider” is pretty interesting and it basically the first comic I have read and been excited about reading.

One thing I like in particular about Davis is his tattooing skills. his line work is great but his shading is amazing. When he shades his highlights and shadows are pretty realistic. I hope to meet Davis when I move to Atlanta and I would be satisfied with just watching him work his magic.

Feels Like I’m Starting Over

Drawing this original character is going to be a challenge, but not one I can overcome. I have not been drawing that much because I have been doing it digitally or working with video. In doing so I have not picked up so skills. One problem I have is drawing from different angles and drawing various facial features. I’m working on it and it’s coming along pretty well.