Forced to learn these skills

Going into my core classes for my major, I didn’t think I would have to take animation classes. Drawing is pretty cool, but it’s not my major so I have not been practicing. So I am in an animation class where we are building a character from the ground up. First we are starting with drawing an original character, face expression and body. Next we will do some motion graphics where we do a take and drag, walking cycle, and lip sync of this character. Now I’m forced to learn drawing skills I have yet to obtain. Not to say that is bad, but animating a character can be a bit tedious and drawing on a computer is one of my weakness.

I plan to over come these challenges, I will put my sketch book to good use and practice drawing different components of a character. Such as body types, hair, facial features, clothing, and mouth and body movements. Also I will do more of my graphic design and other projects using the Wacom to get use to drawing on something else besides paper.